A Good Look At Data Analyst Work and Careers

Published: 02nd February 2012
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Interested to find out a little more about data analyst employment? In this article I will give you a closer look at a data analyst employment description and exactly what being a data analyst entails. From the functions, responsibilities, educational requirements to salary; immediately after reading through this information you will have a far better understanding of what this career is all about. Let us get going looking at this profession.

Data analysts have grown to be vital in present day business with all the current data that needs to be manipulated and reported on. Companies nowadays have a heavy reliance upon computers, technology and also the storage & manipulation of data. Being able to produce reports quickly is a must for corporations today. This data in some instances is entered in through users, customer service reps or data entry specialists. Data analysts mine, arrange and assist those who require to use this data to generate reports. Those constructing reports will often be project managers, business analysts, financial analysts and others. Data analysts recognize how to normalize, and adjust data so that it can be employed for reporting purposes.

Data analysts are accountable for several different duties which involve data. Analyst jobs can vary in roles and responsibilities from one company to another. In some corporations data analysts also carry out data exploration duties, database management, business analysis and the like. Because analysts are occasionally required to perform their work “outside the lines” they have to possess great soft skills along with technical knowledge. Soft skills includes sound written and oral communication abilities, and being able to get along with an assortment of people.

Essentially the most desirable prospects for these opportunities will have 4 year, or 2 year university diplomas, and ambitions to use this job as a stepping stone to even bigger and much better things. Job advancement from this position can come in the form of a promotion to a financial analyst, business analyst, database administrator, or even project manager. Data analysts ought to be knowledgeable in all software that handle storing and reporting on data. These types of expertise can be obtained by means of job experience as well as having studied in related fields of schooling like computer science, finance, mathematics, business administration and information technology to mention a few.

Data analysts generally work for corporations which give them with nicely lit, climate governed work environments. Analysts can expect to work a forty hour work week, and with larger companies should be expecting to obtain health, dental, vision, sick pay and vacation pay.

The median wage for a data analyst had been calculated to be around $75,000 in December of 2011. Those that are entry level can expect to make a little less, and those with many years of experience should expect to make a lot more than this. Those working in more substantial metropolitan urban centers at business headquarters could also anticipate to make slightly higher incomes.

Appreciate your taking the time to read my data analyst career description article. You ought to now be much more knowledgeable about the responsibilities and educational prerequisites expected for those pursuing jobs in this field of work. To find out more about this job, data analyst cvs and interview questions, there are numerous resources on the web and in textbooks.

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